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Innovations in social research methods: an international perspective

Researcher: Maria Xenitidou
Duration: Oct 2008 - May 2009

The aim of this small project is to construct a ‘map’ of the ‘hot spots’ of research methods around the world. This map will have two aspects: first, it will locate the innovations in method currently being developed within social science disciplines; and secondly, it will locate the sites and institutional contexts of these innovations, that is ,who and where they are being developed. In so doing, it will help to situate the National Centre among its peers and highlight the people, places, and ideas outside the UK to which it should pay attention.


  • To identify the main developments in social science research methods (SSRM) and the most significant growth points occurring outwith the UK
  • To survey the different structures and processes that support research on SSRM in the major countries of the world;
  • To map concentrations of SSRM expertise and activity
  • To prepare and disseminate a report and to propose a plan for an international workshop