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Home Research NCRM Collaborative Fund Projects Workshop: The processes of methodological innovation
Workshop on: The processes of methodological innovation: successful development & diffusion

Organizers: Maria Xenitidou, Nigel Gilbert and Graham Crow (NCRM Hub)
Date: July 2010, NCRM Research Methods Festival

The aim of this small project is to organise a workshop that brings together experts working on innovative methodologies around the world to focus on the history behind methodological innovations and on the processes and mechanisms (including agents and networks) of their development and diffusion. This project extends the work conducted by the project ‘Innovations in Social Science Research Methods: An International Perspective’ drawing on the main contacts and links created during that project.
The project is a collaboration between the NCRM Hub (organisers of the Research Methods Festival) and SIMIAN (Host of the project ‘Innovations in Social Science Research Methods: An International Perspective’) and is interdisciplinary, involving a wide range of innovative methods.

The event is adjacent to the 2010 NCRM Methods Festival in Oxford and has two parts:

  1. A day workshop under the title ‘The Processes of Methodological Innovation: Successful Development and Diffusion’;
  2. Individual sessions in the Methods Festival where innovators present their methods. In so doing, it will draw attention to the processes and networks involved in methodological innovations and contribute to knowledge on innovative methods.


  • To organise a workshop with experts working on innovative methodologies;
  • To track the ‘history’ leading up to methodological innovations;
  • To reflect on the ‘agents’ and ‘networks’ behind methodological innovations;
  • To learn from the processes of developing and diffusing methodological innovations;
  • To introduce methodological innovations to NCRM.

Presentations: can be found at http://www.ncrm.ac.uk/TandE/other/RMF2010/abstractsView.php?id=68

Workshop Reflections